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Progressively Simple— Not your Grandparents' Automation System

Savant's groundbreaking home automation solutions are designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies, media content, and Internet connectivity that, when working in concert, result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle. At Savant, we merge all of this exciting home control functionality and place it at your fingertips through sleek and intuitive user interfaces that are already a part of everyday life for many people— Apple's® iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of a custom-tailored Smart Home that easily connects to and manages multiple intelligent control services and devicessimultaneously, effortlessly synchronizing countless commands to suit each household member's smart home control preferences.


ipadEnergy Management

Take Advantage of Green Technology with Smart Energy from Savant
Our intelligent control technology enables the homeowner to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money— all without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Savant's Smart Energy harnesses green technology and tailors your system to adjust usage based upon time of day, changing seasons, outside temperature, and any other triggering mechanisms to ensure that your smart home system's energy usage is always at peak efficiency while quality of life and convenience are never compromised.

Green home automation is easy on energy:

Set your intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun by timing them to an astronomical clock.

Pre-set blinds to close, shutting out powerful sunlight and keeping the interior of your home cool while conserving energy.

Reduce the demands on heating and cooling systems with climate controlthat regulates thermostat levels based on outside temperature.

Press a "Lights Out" button to disable all intelligent lighting, making certain that no lights have been left on unnecessarily.

Green home automation integrates with occupancy and motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.

Display power consumption levels to help you monitor energy use in your smart home system.

Remotely monitor and manage all of the whole-house audio/video components and other smart home electronics with your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.


Light and Shade Controls


The power to transform any space with light is now yours, at the touch of a button. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, and now, your iPad® or iPhone®.


Shade Control


The innovative Sivoia QS Wireless shading system is beautiful, scalable, and reliable. This system can be used to control the entire family of Lutron automated window treatments, including roller shades, battery-powered insulating honeycomb shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé® Vertical Drapery System, tensioned shades, and Roman shades with CERUS® uptake system. This wireless shading system is a perfect solution for retrofit and renovation due to the elimination of communication wiring between components. Create just the right light for any activity or mood and save energy while you do it.


Cisco SystemsCisco

Today's home networks are asked to handle more information than ever before. From consumer devices and gaming consoles to automation systems and streaming media, the home network has quickly become the digital foundation for every home. As manufacturers of consumer electronics continue to migrate their products onto the network, a robust network becomes necessary to successfully automate a home.



In the world of wireless LANs (WLANs), power and simplicity are like oil and water — they've just never mixed — until now. Our Ruckus WLAN systems brings power and simplicity together for large-scale indoor deployments — along with all the requisite capabilities demanded:

Seamless interoperability
Advanced Wi-Fi security
Massive scalability
Best-in-class performance
Robust WLAN management


Apple Air Play

You have friends over and you want to share great photos or the perfect party mix that's on your iPhone. Or you're in the middle of an epic action movie on your iPad that could use a little more screen. That's where AirPlay comes in. Just connect your device and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network, and the AirPlay icon automatically appears. Then tap the AirPlay icon in a specific app — Photos, Videos, Music, Safari, or any AirPlay-enabled app — and everything streams to your HDTV via your Apple TV. It's a simple way to play your stuff on the biggest screen and the best sound system in the house.




Achieve Total Communications Capability with Savant

Whether you need to call room-to-room, or make and receive domestic or international calls— Savant's iPad® intercom features and advanced telephony platform are easy and efficient for everyone to use.

savant phone


With the introduction of its integrated phone system, Savant leverages its ongoing convergence of Apple® technology as the only Apple-based automation and communication solution. The power and flexibility of a truly open platform, together with the strong telecom background of Savant's founders, have coalesced into the industry's first control plus telephony solution for residential and commercial applications.



There is a common problem when telephone entry systems such as Holovision's TES2 or VIK entry systems are used with multi-station cordless telephone intercoms. The telephone entry (TES or VIK) will have no problem with a butt set or with ordinary "wired" telephone handsets, but will be unable to make the cordless telephones ring when the door bell button is pushed.

Do you need SIP-based communication to a Savant call server or to a VoIP phone system? Seek no further~! We are now offering an VoIP intercom module from CyberData, compatible with many of today's top leading VoIP I-PBX manufacturers.


Packedged design and software

Pakedge has created an expandable network management appliance – a hybrid. One device that hosts two award-winning applications, the elite BakPak® Cloud Management System and Pakedge Wireless Controller. Available as either one or the other – or both – the NK-1 makes upgrading networks incredibly easy..